Basic Concept of Affiliate Marketing

Today I will talk to you about some of the basics of affiliate marketing. And from those number one “what is affiliate marketing”, number two “what is the difference between affiliate marketing and blogging and which is more profitable” and number three is “which marketplaces are the best to start a career in affiliate marketing“. So let’s start…

What is affiliate marketing?

In the beginning, I will say what is affiliate marketing? There are millions of companies online that offer and accept to join as an affiliate partner. You can join those companies as a partner and you can earn affiliate sales or commission by promoting and selling the products or services of those companies.

Whenever there is a product sale through you, you will get a commission for each sale which is called affiliate sales. You can’t make a product, You don’t have a product, but there are many other companies that have a lot of products, also they have good quality products that people trust and buy. You sell those products to your audience and you get a commission per sale.

It’s a great way to build a career online. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online careers for a long time.

What’s the difference between affiliate marketing and blogging and what’s more profitable?

Next, we move on to the topic of where the difference between affiliate marketing and blogging is and which is more profitable.

You understand affiliate marketing, but I’m telling you what a blogging thing is. Blogging is when you create a website and you write about different topics on the website. You visit different sites online, read different English writes. These websites are called blogging sites. Different people are writing about different subjects.

You can also create your own website and write about the topics you like.

You can write about health or you can write about beauty. Again, you can write about tutorials and tricks on various technologies, and things that you like, you can also blog by reviewing different products.

Affiliate marketing is a small part of blogging. Blogging is a complete solution where you can do affiliate marketing by blogging or content writing on your website, earn money through Google Adsense, sponsorship from different companies, and sell your website if you want. You can. In other words, blogging has multiple revenue sources and affiliate marketing is one of those multiple revenue sources.

I have a lot of questions every day about how much content I will publish on my website. How many words of content will I publish on my website with issues like these? So I’m answering these questions right now, you have to publish content as long as you are blogging, there is no limit to publish content that is one thousand words, two thousand words, or ten posts, twenty posts. As long as you are blogging, you have to publish content regularly as you can.

If for some reason you can’t sell a product from your website but there is no problem, you can earn money on your website through Google Adsense. When a visitor visits your website, even if he does not buy any product, you can still earn money through Google Adsense. This means that when you blog, you are not only dependent on affiliate marketing, you will have many more ways through which you can develop a great career.

So I recommend you to give full concentration on content writing and blogging, then multiple revenue sources will be developed for you. If you concentrate on affiliate marketing, you will be connected to only one earning source. And if you learn blogging and do it the right way, you can generate multiple revenue sources from your website.

There is a big difference between affiliate marketing and blogging. Affiliate marketing is a part of which you will sell the product or service of a big company online and in return, you will get a specific commission from each sale. And blogging is that you will have your own website where you will write content on various topics and through that content writing you will be able to generate various revenue sources online. And affiliate marketing is the only earning source of a blogging career, in addition to this there are many other earning sources such as Google Adsense, sponsorship, selling websites, as well as selling your own products or services on your website to your visitors.

Which Marketplaces are Best for Affiliate Marketing?

Now I will discuss which online marketplaces are best for affiliate marketing and blogging Careers?

There are many companies online with affiliate partners. But not all marketplaces are actually the best for starting your blogging and affiliate marketing career.

I will not talk about many marketplaces, but I will discuss some of the most popular marketplaces, including Amazon, Ali Express, and Themeforest. Amazon and Ali Express are the same types of companies. Both are online-based shopping malls, where almost all the daily necessities of the people are available, and billion of people from all over the world shop from these shopping malls. As well as being a software and digital marketplace, ThemeForest is the best place where software is sold.

You can start affiliate marketing by joining these marketplaces with confidence. And you can generate good quality affiliate sales by selling the products or services of these companies through your website, as well as Google Adsense, sponsorship, and many more. Which I will discuss in more detail later.

That is all for today. The next time, I will discuss affiliate marketing in detail to help you master it properly.

Hope you will stay connected.

Thanks for reading!

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