Are You Fooled by Guest Writers?

We all know guest posting is the best way to create a relationship with other bloggers, but I found guest posting is becoming a business these days, and I was fooled by some people many times, I was accepting their guest posts without any research, their posts are well written but not for a blog, their posts look only to promote their business or websites.

I know many people who are earning thousands of dollars by selling backlinks through a guest post, for accepting guest posts they can give you some free stuff like mobile recharge or $5 in your account, but they write a guest post and sell backlinks in much more amount, you think you got content and some freebies by hosting a guest post, but that will really affect your blogging career in many ways.

Things to Notice

Bad Presentation

I am writing my personal experience, I accept guest posts from many writers, promoters only for content but when I become a serious blogger, I realize that the posts which I was accepted till now are not well-presented lack Media elements and no proper information, after that I delete over 30 posts from my old blog, so always be aware before accepting guest posts.

Post only for Promotion

Now a day some bloggers and Internet Marketer write posts only to promote their blog and other’s businesses, they have never visited that post again to check the progress that post, the main purpose of writing a guest post on another blog should be to inform about your writing skills not to promote your blog with backlinks and traffic, if you are a good blogger you will get publicity automatically if you write good guest posts.

Selling Backlinks

As I said earlier, Guest posting is a business for many writers, Internet marketing companies hire writers to do this works and they just sell backlinks by giving you 500 words (approx) post, writers write for your blog for free but they charge money from the website owners and by promoting product links or affiliate links.

Effects on your Blog

Fewer Comments on Guest post

After checking many blogs that accept lots of guest posts, I found that those posts don’t have that many comments on the guest posts if I compare with the post written by the blog owner, but some blogs that accept guest posts only from limited people they have very good results like their own posts, the reason is they accept only from those bloggers who own their blogs and writes to promote, educate readers.

PR Drop

PR is considered as a reputation mark, if you have high SEPR that means your blog or website is good because you have backlinks from High PR websites, My Old Blog had a PR 4 in January, after that I started accepting guest posts without doing any research about articles and authors, in the next PR update my PR goes down to 3 but, I was still accepting posts then finally in august update my PR goes down to 2, after that, I deleted all guest posts.


Search engines love those websites which have more incoming links and less outgoing links, if you accept guest posts regularly your website can be considered as a spam website because of many outgoing links which are related or not related to your blog niche.

How to Accept the Guest post

How to Accept the Guest post

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Accept Posts only from a blogger

Be strict with your guest post Policy, always accept guest posts only from bloggers, and allow only one or two backlinks in the author bio, Create a write for us page and mention all terms and conditions of writing a guest post, never accept guest posts from those who write 5-10 guest post in a day.

Backlink Details

Always check backlinks that you are going to add to your blog, maybe they are banned by search engines, sites may contain malware, and some illegal content.

Never accept posts outside your niche

Accept those posts which are related to your niche, if you accept post anonymously, then it will create many problems like your readers coming to your blog to find posts on specific topics, and if you add post from different niche, then you may lose your valuable readers.


The post which you are accepting should be Copyscape protected or copyrighted to the author who is writing on your blog, always confirm these issues before publishing it on your blog.

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