8 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid for Affiliate Marketing

Blogging is a writing profession, if you like writing then you can work in the blogging industry. But about 90 percent of people fail in the blogging industry because of some common mistakes. Today I will talk to you about 6 things that if you can avoid you will be able to see a good development in your blogging career. So let’s get started.

1# Thinking of earning money early

Think if we want to get a good job then we have to study for 15 to 20 years, after that we can expect a good job. Just like blogging, here you can’t generate revenue from the first day of blogging.

You will need to continue publishing articles on your blog on a topic for a period of time. And then your blog will definitely generate revenue. If you take a look at the number of websites you have visited, you will see that ads of various companies are displayed nearby, including the ads of Google Adsense.

From there the revenue of the website owners is mainly generated. They did not develop them in one day. Every time they started publishing different types of content, visitors started coming to their website and from time to time they started generating revenue. So you will also publish articles on your blog and of course, you have to be patient.

2# Apply for too many programs

Do not join too many affiliate programs. Join one of the best marketplaces related to the topic of your blog. You can join more than one affiliate program with the same website, but it should be limited. The biggest companies are AliExpress, Amazon, ThemeForest, these are also millions of companies that also have affiliate partners. You will join a maximum of two or three affiliate programs related to your blog.

If you join one or two good-quality marketplaces without joining additional affiliate programs, you will be able to generate good revenue from them.

3# Applying without contents

The next mistake is to apply for an affiliate program without content. Many people apply for affiliate programs without any content, which leads to their rejection. A company usually wants to see what kind of content or article you are publishing on your website before hiring their affiliate partner. Or if you have a YouTube channel, you are publishing videos on which topic there. After reviewing them, they approve the account. So before joining the affiliate program, you will publish the content or article on your website. There is no specific amount of how many articles you will apply after publishing.

Again, blogging is a writing profession. You have to write constantly if your goal is to get the affiliate account approved, if your goal is to get the Affiliate Account or Google Adsense account approved, then you can’t do anything good in your blogging career. These companies are waiting to give you Google AdSense approval, to give you an affiliate partnership. All you have to do is publish good quality content on your website. So, keep in mind that whether it is your website or your YouTube channel, your main job is to publish good content or articles. After that, they are always available for you to apply. By doing this, your application will be approved in one chance. So this mistake must be avoided.

4# Affiliate link spamming

Newcomers make another mistake when it comes to affiliate marketing and that is the link copy and paste here and there. Suppose you come to the comment section of a YouTube video and paste the link, paste the link in the comment section of different websites, paste the affiliate link in different places on Facebook. These are not actually called affiliate marketing, they are called spamming. And many accounts are suspended due to spamming. And so you must refrain from this mistake.

Do not copy and paste affiliate links anywhere. You can’t do anything good in the affiliate industry this way. You write an article on your website and link there, create a video, and link to the video or video description. But in the below comments section, someone’s video, don’t go anywhere on Facebook and paste your affiliate links, it will be spamming and the company will suspend your affiliate account at some point.

5# Direct link paid promotion

The next mistake is to pay directly to the affiliate link. Amazon, Themeforest, AliExpress, these are reputed and big companies. You have boosted the affiliate links of direct products of all these marketplaces directly through Facebook, through Google Adwords, this will suspend your account. If you write an article on your website and link there and boost that link, there is no problem. But if you link directly to ThemeForest’s link, Amazon’s link, your account will be suspended. These companies do not approve of this, so refrain from links paid promoting directly to affiliate marketplaces.

 6# Not analyzing visitors data

The next common mistake is not analyzing the data of the website visitors. For example, you have to analyze the age of the visitors, how many young boys or how many girls are visiting from which countries. So that you can plan the next content based on this information.

Google Analytics is the best tool to analyze the data of website visitors. Google Analytics is a free visitor data analysis tool from Google that links to your website to see what type of visitors are entering your website, from what location, how old they are, what kind of device they are using, what platform they are using mobile or laptop, or desktop, how many boys, how many girls, you can see all the data through your analysis account. And if you analyze this kind of information with a little attention, you will be able to decide later on what topic the next content would be better.

If you don’t understand these now, there is no reason to worry. If you come across traffic or visitors to your website, you will gradually learn how to use this analytics tool properly. So of course you have to analyze your website visitors well.

7# Using too much add banners

The next mistake is to use a lot of ads in the content. There are many websites and if you notice, you will see only advertisements and advertisements all around. Clicking on one type of link opens another. These are very annoying to visitors, so refrain from using such extra banners or advertisements. Because nobody likes ads, think of yourself and ask a question have I visited any website to see ads? We all dislike advertising but, we have to see advertising, and so it should have a limit, if it is extra, it will not be good for anyone.

So don’t use extra ads in your content. According to the rules of Google Adsense, you can show 3 ads on a normal page. More than 3 can be done, but it has a higher chance of policy break and account ban. Visitors to your website will come to view your content, not ads, so refrain from using additional ads. Because if you just put ads around in the hope of earning extra money, your website visitors will be annoyed and they will not visit your website a second time.

8# Not learning for users feedback

The next mistake is not learning from user feedback. When visitors come to your content on your website, users will continue to come up with comments. Each person will comment differently. You need to learn something from those comments, try to understand what they are saying carefully, make a note of what they want to learn new things, and then create content accordingly and publish it on your website.

So you will publish more new content with information from the comments of the visitors to your website. This will create a relationship of the visitors with your website.

So here are eight common mistakes that many affiliates marketer makes at the beginning of their career. So with the help of this article, you can easily avoid these mistakes, which will play a very helpful role in your affiliate career.

Even then, for your convenience at the end of my writing, I am reviewing the mistakes once: –

  1. Thinking of earning more from the beginning of blogging. Which is a very common and big mistake.
  2. Apply to multiple affiliate programs. So do not join too many affiliate programs.
  3. Apply to an affiliate program without content. Do not do this at all as it will reduce the chances of your application being approved.
  4. Copy and paste affiliate links anywhere. Such as on Facebook, below YouTube videos, in the comment section of various websites, etc. These are not actually called affiliate marketing, they are called spamming. So we have to refrain from these.
  5. Directly paid promotion on the affiliate link. This also cannot be done, such as Boost on Facebook, Boost through Google AdWords, etc.
  6. Do not analyze the data of visitors. You need to analyze the information of your website visitors through the Google Analytics tool.
  7. Using a lot of ads in the content. Visitors will be annoyed by the use of huge amounts of ads and will not come to your site intentionally a second time which you do not want at all.
  8. The last mistake is not learning from user feedback. You need to understand the comments of the users of your website and then create content accordingly and publish them on your website.

So this was some important advice for you from me. If you follow these, you will see a good development in your blogging career.

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Thank you for reading the entire article carefully!

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