7 Myths That New Bloggers Should Stop Worrying About

Blogging is Quite simple Sometimes but when it comes to real it looks more competitive and difficult, and many bloggers and Internet marketers created many myths about blogging, I am sharing some myths about Blogging that you should Stop Worrying about.

Blogging Needs Investment

Many Bloggers suggest you invest money before start blogging, and they are giving good Suggestion self-hosted blogs gives you full control, but it’s not true that investment is a must, I am sharing you My story of blogging, I started my blog with Blogspot.com, It’s free and You can sign up and create your blog.

After some time when I got some money, then I purchase Domain for the Blog, Domain which cost very cheap nowadays, but I was using the same blogger platform, later I applied for Google Adsense and Get Approval and my blog starts making some money, and you can also follow the same steps and when you start earning some money then you can move to self-hosted WordPress blogs.

Content Is King

Do you think Only with Good Content you can get success? I think now it’s a Myth Content is not King these days, Suppose you land on a blog that is full of Banners, Popups but content is Good, will you recommend that blog to someone? , I think you will leave that blog and you will never come back.

Good and Interesting Content is Important for a Blog but still, you can’t consider Content as King in Blogging, Design, and other things matter same as the content.

Read This Post by Derek Halpern (Social Triggers) The “Content is King” Myth Debunked

Daily Publishing is Must

This Topic Discussed a lot and still, many bloggers think daily publishing is Good for a Blog, But I think it’s a myth and sometimes it depends on the niche, Suppose you are managing a blog that deals with news and events then you have to publish daily with the latest updates, same thing not matters for all niches, especially for micro-niche blogs, if you publish daily on the micro-niche blog you will lose many valuable readers.

Post length should be Long

I Disagree with this Point that the Post length should be Long.

I think short and Informative posts will also work well if you know how to present them, if you are writing a 1000 word post only to increase the size of the post then your post will not give you benefits in return, Post size always depends on the post Topic.

Blogging Needs Great Writing Skills

You Don’t need to be an English professor or a Great writer to write on your blog, You just need to concentrate on grammar and the flow of your writing and it doesn’t matter what vocabulary are you using in your posts. Your readers will love your post if they can understand easily.

You should write what your readers love to read and always ask for feedback about your writing and consider them while writing the next post.

It’s Easy to Make Money with Blogging

You can make a lot of money from blogging, but this is the bitter truth that blogging is not easy and not for everyone, yes you can make decent money if you work hard, concentrate and love blogging like your dream, there are thousands of blogs created every day to earn money from blogging, but you should understand that if someone is making money from blogging then it’s not true you can also do the same easily, you should find their secrets and their sacrifice for their success.

Page Rank Matters A Lot

You should stop worrying about page rank, Page rank doesn’t matter and it doesn’t mean that if you don’t have page rank then your blog or website is not good, page rank is just an algorithm that ranks your page based on links it doesn’t matter your content is good or bad,  just write for your readers and see how you will get decent page rank as well, most of the bloggers always busy in their link building campaign and waste their valuable time, Blogging is to providing content to your readers not to show off your page rank and Alexa to the world, so focus on your reader’s happiness.

Final Verdict

You should stop worrying and just concentrate on writing for your readers, never try to impress Google, if your readers are happy with you then Google is Happy, and Google always loves fresh content so prepare your blog to write Great Content, and leave the myths behind.

Do you agree with all myths? Share your Views!

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