6 Ways Transcripts Can Make Your Podcasts More Engaging

Podcasting is an excellent way to share your thoughts and ideas with listeners. This modern evolution of radio broadcasting has resulted in a way for anyone to put together a broadcast and share it with listeners from all over the globe. Offering transcripts of your podcasts can often lead to a larger audience. The following are six ways that transcripts can make your podcasts more engaging:

Transcripts make your podcasts more accessible.

The ease of listening to podcasts while driving to work, doing the dishes, working out, or performing any number of other activities is one reason why this form of media has become so popular. However, sometimes your audience members may not have access to an MP3 player or computer. A transcript of your podcast allows them to print out your material and read it wherever they’d like, or they can read along with the transcript as they listen to your podcast.

Transcripts make your podcasts more usable.

For informational podcasts, a transcript makes your podcast more convenient. Your audience won’t need to continually pause or rewind the material if they are trying to follow your instructions. The audience member can also make notes on a transcript printout, unlike with the actual podcast itself.

Transcript formatting can highlight key points.

Another way transcription can make your podcast more engaging is through the use of formatting. The use of headings to delineate key sections can help guide readers of the transcript through the information. You can use bolding, italics, larger fonts, line breaks, and centering to highlight key points in your material that you want your audience to pay particular attention to.

Bundle similarly-themed podcasts in your transcripts.

If you’ve done a series of podcasts on a single topic, bundling the transcripts of these podcasts into a comprehensive book-like product allows your audience to find all the information they need in one place. Instead of having to scan through each podcast in the series to locate a particular nugget of knowledge, this combined transcript gives them a single convenient guide.

Include visual content in your transcripts

Podcasts have one limitation—they are not a visual media format. Your transcript, however, is not limited in this way. Include pictures and drawings to help illustrate the points you make. Inserting a picture at the beginning of the transcript can help prepare the audience for the information you are about to discuss.

Links to resource materials are valuable to your audience

Take your podcasts to the next level with a transcript that includes links to additional resources. Hyperlink items in your transcript to resources you’ve created or to outside resources your audience will find valuable. You can even include a resource list with links to these resources at the end of the transcript, adding an entirely new dimension to your podcast.

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