6 Types of Content That Will Harm Your Blog

Different elements make a website successful or fail, like SEO, Design, Content, etc. Content has the Importance of backbone for the success of a website. In the world of SEO, the Content is considered to be the King. If your content is good then your website will get success sooner or later and if your content is poor then forget the success completely. SEO, Design, and other factors will only help if you are providing good quality unique content.

In the Post Panda World, the Importance of Content has even more increased. There are some poor types of content that you should never post on your site otherwise your site will be in trouble.

Here are some types of Poor content:

Duplicate Content

The first type of poor content is duplicate content which is most harmful. Duplicate content means copying content in the same shape as it was available on a website and posting it to your site. If you will post duplicate content on your site then it will badly hit the Search Engine Ranking of your site in Google and other search engines. the real owner of that content can also file a Copyright complaint against your site for stealing his content.

Spun Content

The second type of poor-quality content is known as Spun Content. There are hundreds of tools available online for content spinning. People pick up an article from a website and put it into these spinning tools. these tools change some words in the articles and provide you with a new version of the content that is known as Spun content. The spun content is also poor quality content that will harm the Search Engine Ranking of your website. Google Algorithm is smart enough to catch spun content and penalize your site for it.

Hotlinking Content

Many Websites do hotlinking of content which is also harmful to the Ranking of a site. Hotlinking means directly sharing the content of another website through their link on your site. Sites doing hotlinking also steal the bandwidth of other sites.

Embedded Content

Some sites embed all the content from other hosts. like some sites keep on embedding all the Videos from Youtube instead of creating their own content. Such content is also not considered quality content.

Rewritten Content

Some people see the content of another site and rewrite it in their own words. Well, such content will also be considered poor-quality content. there is no harm in taking an idea about the topic for writing from somewhere but rewriting an article is not a good idea at all. try to write your own words with your own mind.

Boring Content

Writing content that your readers will find boring is also not a good thing. Readers will only come back to your blog if they found your content to be interesting. If you want to write interesting content then always write about the topics that you like and got knowledge of. Without passion about anything then it’s not possible to blog about it in a good way.

Blogging without passion is a slap in a face to your readers either find what you love to write about or stop publishing a bunch of garbage.

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