5 Tips To Beat Your Competitor In Blogging

Blogging is in the most competitive phase today, you can see many new blogs created every day by many new bloggers, and some bloggers are very young.

Every blogger says that we bloggers are very friendly while doing blogging, but it’s true all bloggers live in a competitive environment, they can say that they are very friendly but I found every blogger who does blogging seriously keep sharp eye on their competitor, maybe they have very good relations in public but still they are competitors in their business.

I am sharing some tips by which you can beat your competitors in blogging or your online business.

Focus on SEO News

SEO plays a major role in any Online business or Blog, if you can optimize your blog as per the latest trends of SEO then you can get better SERP and you can drive good traffic to your blogs, You should follow all major SEO blogs and Also follow Google for their algorithm changes, Page rank Updates.

SEO News is important maybe you are blogging about bogging so you can get some quick news for your readers, also it helps you to make your blog as per the latest changes of algorithms to avoid penalties.

By following these Profiles you can get the latest updates about SEO and web trends about online business.

Top 5 SEO People to Follow on Twitter

Matt Cutts – @mattcutts

Google’s ‘Head of Web Spam.

Rand Fishkin – @randfish

CEO of SEOMoz.

Danny Sullivan – @dannysullivan

Editor of SearchEngineLand.com.

Ann Smarty – @seosmarty

SEO Consultant who talks about new SEO, not what everyone already knows.

Andy Beard – @AndyBeard

SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Online Marketing & other boring geek stuff Quast Product Manager.

Monitor Your Competitors

If you are a blogger then you should work as a spy, you should keep an eye on the activities of your competitors.

If you are not monitoring your competitors then you are in a problem because they are monitoring you and they plan their strategies as per their competitors’ moves.

But one thing never does any harm to your competitors because their competition is important for your growth so always give them a healthy competition, many bloggers devalue others’ blogs by spamming their blog and websites links into the whole web, but this is a bad SEO practice.

Find Negative attacks against You

As per my above point antagonist may do attack your blog, by spamming your links into different spammy websites, or in comments on different blogs, because Google can find spammy links, and if someone is doing negative link building against you then you can lose your SERP rankings very soon.

The best solution is to monitor your website with Google Analytics and always keep an eye on the incoming traffic to your blog, also monitor your backlinks, because quality matters a lot and if someone is doing negative link building against you then your blog or website may penalize in next Google algorithm updates.

Unique Writing Style

You can’t write unique content every time sometimes you have to present some old topics in new ways, and if you follow your unique writing style then you will never face writer’s block in your career because you can do justice with Rewriting Post a post which is quite popular and old, your writing style can make a huge difference between you and your competitors.

If you follow your unique techniques to write a new blog post that your competitors are not using then you can get a very good response and if you are natural with that kind of writing then it will not be easy for your competitors to grab your unique writing style.

Explore Uncovered Topics

Blogging is to explore as much as you can, if you want to create new content for your blog every time, then you should always keep exploring your niche, new posts loved by everyone on the web, I know there are many things explored already but not everything explored so you need to concentrate on new news and ideas.

I think the above link will surely help you get to post ideas for your blog, by exploring new things you will notice by others and you can get the best rankings in search engines because you are writing unique and something new.

At Last, I can say one thing you need to do lots of things to get better results from your work, so never hesitate before doing any experiments, no one knows what you will explore.

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