5 Things To Do After Publishing A Blog Post

Many bloggers believe that their job ends at pressing the ‘Publish’ button, which is not true at all. A blog post needs many things to be done after it has been published. This article will discuss five things that one must do after publishing a blog post. Note that not all might be applicable to your blog conditions and environments, thus you’re advised to carefully analyze before following all the things mentioned below. Also, make sure that your post is already in its best form i.e. it contains relevant interlinks, the On-Page SEO is up to the mark and is formatted in the best way possible. If all is done, then you’re free to publish the post and then quickly follow the tips mentioned in this post.

5 Things To Do After Publishing A Blog Post

1# Ping Your Blog

It is always recommended to quickly ‘ping’ your blog to the search engines so that the new posts can be indexed as soon as possible. A very easy way to ping your blog is by using an online tool known as Ping-o-Matic, which pings and updates your blog in the eyes of major search engine services. Although there are hundreds of such services out there, Ping-o-Matic focuses on the important ones.

It also provides a direct bookmark, which when clicked will automatically ping your blog. Therefore, you’ll not have to write the details again and again.

2# Manual Tweeting

Although your blog might be automatically shared on social networks, there is something which is different when you do it manually. For example, if you tweet a post manually, you can add your own desired hashtags, @mention people (the author, for example) etc. Sharing your posts manually is always a different aspect than to have it be done automatically.

3# Manual Updating On Facebook

Just like in the case above, there are several tools which can automatically post updates on Facebook for your new blog posts. But again – doing it manually just makes things better. For example, you might want to share the link along with an image. Such activities are not done by automatic tools.

You can also promote your updates by paying a small fee to Facebook. Promotions guarantee a wide reach to the fans and their friends. Normal fees to promote a single post are $5-10.

4# Social Bookmarking

There are social sites from where you might not get much traffic, but yet sharing on such sites is vital because you get the backlinks. Be it dofollow or nofollow, you are getting the backlinks. Social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Reddit, Stumble Upon, ScoopIt etc. posses a very high page rank, therefore the backlinks that your blogs get are quality.

Remember that backlinks will be responsible for increasing the organic traffic of your blog. If not now, then definitely later.

5# Asking Friends To Share

Asking your friends to share your blog posts, if the posts are worth it, has never been harm and will never be one. If you believe that your posts deserve a share, why not ask for one of your friends. You can also tag them, which will influence them to share the posts without being asked directly.

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