5 Reasons to Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

In this era where technology is getting better every second, it’s not jaw-dropping to hear that more than 3.8 billion smartphones are being used worldwide. At the current stage, it is also assumed that the use of the Internet on mobiles shall overtake the amount of Internet usage on desktops. With this growing speed, numerous new sites are being made every day. Some are just made as a hobby and some represent a business and some as a source to make money.

Why Have A Mobile Friendly Site?

While the sites are obviously being developed for desktops, most site owners don’t see the necessity to have a mobile-friendly site. Whether it’s just a blog giving out information about a specific niche, or a site selling its own products – a mobile-friendly site is a must feature to possess.

5 Reasons to Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

Mentioned below are the reasons why you should have one. If one doesn’t apply to your site, don’t neglect the other ones. Each one is important.

Increased Traffic And Better User Experience

It was surveyed that more than 80% of the browser the internet from the phones. This does not end with internet browsing. Social apps such as Twitter and Facebook (which are present on almost all smartphones) also play a vital role in the increase of Internet usage on the mobile web. When links are shared on these social networks, the viewers often visit the eye-catching ones through smartphones and read along. The continuance of the reading depends totally on the responsiveness of the site’s theme – i.e. whether the site is mobile-friendly or not. Hence, to make the user experience a remarkable one and increase the page views, the site has to be mobile-friendly.

Catching Up With The m-Commerce Generation

Stats reveal that more than 37% of the total purchases online (which itself is a huge number) were made through m-Commerce! These stats can force any retailer (who’s already selling online) to think about their sales strategy on whether or not should a mobile site be developed.


If you have a blog/site that is read by a good number of viewers, then it’s a must-have a mobile version of it. This is because if you can have PPC ads or affiliate ads on the normal site, you can definitely have the same presented in a much better and effective way on the mobile site. CPC Ad networks such as Google AdSense etc. are very easy to integrate into as such networks already have ‘mobile ad units’ which not only fit perfectly on the smartphones but are also easy to track for the clicks received. Therefore, one can quickly realize whether money is being generated from mobile sites or not.

Better Optimization

If your site doesn’t rank well on the desktop browsers, you need not assume that the same will be the case on the mobile browsers as well. That’s because search engines have different ranking algorithms for mobile web browsers. The sites that are more responsive and user-friendly for mobile browsers always tend to rank better than the ones that are not. This, hence, adds to the traffic factor and further to the monetization factor as well.

Keeping The Email Subscribers Happy

Most Internet marketers, retailers, etc. have email marketing campaigns, or informal broadcast messages sent out. In this generation where people have no time to start their PC and wait for the email to arrive, almost all of the smartphone users access their email from the device. When they receive an interesting email, they often tend to visit the link(s) to it. If the linked page is not mobile-friendly, it would certainly annoy the user. You need not let this happen.

How To Get A Mobile Friendly Site?

Assuming that you’re ready for it, the following are some ways to get a beautiful and stunning mobile-friendly site.

Get a responsive theme for your site/blog. Responsive themes are very easy to get in the themes market present all over the web world.

  • Use services such as Duda Mobile.
  • Use WordPress plugins such as WP Touch Pro.
  • Hire Web Developers to design custom responsive themes.

That was all about why and how to get a mobile-friendly site. If you already have one, cherish it but if you don’t – it’s high time you get one.

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