5 Common Google Ads Mistakes To Avoid

There are a few things you should know when starting to work with Google’s Adword system. Every mistake listed below will help you further in achieving profitable campaigns. So read up and pay attention. If you’re making any of these 5 mistakes, stop now and change it! Your burning money and potential customers.


I don’t know why some people don’t use tracking for their Google Adword campaigns. It is absolutely baffling that they would sit there and not track a single thing. How will you know what keywords brought you conversions? How will you know what keyword brought you the most traffic, or the less traffic? Tracking enables you to know what is and what is not working. It helps you profit quicker! Stop burning money and start tracking your adword campaigns with Google analytics.


People that know your brand already know how to find you. You are trying to attract people that don’t know your brand. Focus on finding relevant keywords and building campaigns with them. You want people that are interested in your product but don’t know who you – the brand – is right now. You are adding customers, not marketing to customers you already have.

Wrong Landing Page

Your keywords and what you advertise should match up with your landing page. The very last thing you want to do is pay money to confuse a potential customer. If you try to pull a bait-and-switch it will backfire. It is very simple. Your keywords should match up with your landing page giving your new visitor exactly what they clicked for!

Assume All Visitors Are Equal

This is very moronic on your part. The higher the bid for a keyword the more likely it is to convert for you. Especially when you have previous knowledge that the specific keyword was bringing in conversions. Just because your bid has to go up to get the traffic doesn’t mean you should stop because you are on a budget. If your traffic is converting, and you have to deal with a small profit margin, continue to do so! Profiting is better than not profiting at all, correct?

Relevant Information

When a user clicks on one of your ads and they are displayed content irrelevant to the ad you will lose money. Always remember to have that content ready for the user to view. Especially when you are linking your ad to that page!

Google AdWords can be a little tricky when you first begin with the platform Of course it will get easier as you test with it, but these mistakes can be avoided at the very beginning! You know them now be sure to not do them!

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