3 Best Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Today I am talking about how you can make money with your blog. People blog for many reasons, they might have a special interest in something and want to share their interest with the world, some might use blogging as an online journal simply for the love of writing and sharing, and others would like to know how to make money blogging or indeed make a living out of blogging.

I have written about how to make blogs and for those that have done this, you might be thinking about the next step… monetizing your blog. I was found an article on How to Make Money through Blogging in the Daily Nation. The author of the article Sam Wambugu touches on this idea of making money through your blogging efforts

Considering all the things you have to cover when trying to make your blog successful, monetizing can seem overwhelmingly complicated for a beginner. Sam simplifies the process by breaking it down to its basic level, making the whole process easy to understand.


You will have quite a bit of work to do and you have to do it on a consistent basis, there is no other way to operate a blog successfully without the ongoing maintenance of your blog. Creating good content is the start.

This step is a crucial one. You need interesting engaging content to get visitors to return to your site again and again. Also, post your content regularly you must do this as you gain more visitors they will come to expect you to post regularly, if you don’t they will drop away.


Once you get visitors you can then think of monetizing your blog and there are various ways to do this, here are a few…

Affiliate marketing

This can be achieved by advertising products or services from another company and whenever anyone clicks through and purchases the product from your link you will earn a commission. A few include….

  • Click bank
  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon

Google Ads

You create ad blocks and place a bit of code on your blog to show the ads and every time anyone clicks on one of them you will earn a little bit of money.

Direct Advertising

yet another means of making residual income. With this model, you will have to prove your site has enough traffic to make it viable for a business to want to advertise on your site.


Lastly, promotion is a vital factor to the success of your make money blogging efforts and this must be maintained on an ongoing basis to get good rankings… as Sam says in his article “Without your promotion, there are no readers. No readers mean no income potential.” You can promote through social media, other blogs and friends say, Sam. There are many other methods of promotion some are easy to do, others need a bit more involvement and work, look into this eventually, sooner than later, but in the meantime, this is a good start. A good beginning is to make sure you reply to comments on your blog. This is a simple thing to do and it will help keep a conversation going and build up your following.

These are the major 3 Methods we have to follow for getting money from the blog. I think this post will help you in some way…we can meet again with another post.

Thanks for reading!

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