10 Ways To Become A Better Blogger

The internet is raining blogs. Before blogs were just like personal diaries but now, blogs are used for various reasons. There are some who blog to promote a business; some do it to meet new people, some blog to release their creative juices and some blog to help others by giving good information generously. Every blogger has a good reason for blogging. All bloggers are aiming to improve in this craft. So here are 10 good ways for you to improve your blogging skills.

10 Ways To Become A Better Blogger

Be Passionate and Dedicated

The success of any blog mainly stems from how committed the blogger is. You need to be enthusiastic enough and not see this as a chore to be accomplished. Your passion will reveal itself on the kind of content that you have on each blog post. There are occasions when you will feel the boredom in providing fresh content for your blog but it is your passion and dedication that will provide extra energy for you to keep on blogging. If you think that you are not passionate about your current niche, then reassess yourself. When you know what you’re passionate about, your readers will feel it and they will eventually keep on coming back to your blog.

Be More Knowledgeable

As a blogger of a certain niche, you need to have a knowledgeable appeal to your visitors. Having a command of authority is essential for your blog’s success. For example, you are blogging about article marketing, so you should make sure that the tips you wrote are effective. Your readers will consider you as their teacher so you should be aware of your sphere of influence because this is not merely on a local scope but on a global scope. What if your readers find out that your tips are not effective at all? Your blog will fail with the false information you have provided. However, if you deliver effective tips, then more people will follow your blog because of your expertise.

Keep Posts Short And Concise

Resist the temptation to write very long blog posts just to show how good a writer you are. Only a few people will have the patience for long write-ups. You need to keep your blog posts short and easy to read because most readers will only put up with 600 – 1000 words. It would also be great to have subtitles for those are visually appealing. Your title should be eye-catching too. A good way to write a title is to have a question that will trigger the readers to think more about the subject matter, do it.

Be More Visual

When you have something colourful to the blog posts, then more people will be drawn to it. It is very natural for us to desire something that looks good. Try to find good images from the web. There are sites that provide free photos and images. If it is necessary for you to write a long blog post, then try to have some videos for each sub-topic because this will be a more interesting read for each of your visitors.

Be More Personal and Interactive

People have a natural interest to get to know other people. Make your “about us” page interesting and have good pictures in it. A short video introducing yourself is also a nice way to personalize your blog. Tell about your life, your hobbies and other information about yourself. This personal touch will give your blog visitors more idea about the person behind the blog. Also, try to encourage comments after each blog post and when you receive comments, be thoughtful enough to reply to the readers because they will appreciate your effort. You can also promote the other posts of your blog when you reply to the comments.

A Better Way of Having Your Archive

Most blogs have their archive according to the date when the post was written. Come to think of it, this really isn’t organized and logical. It is better to have your archive by topic. This will give your viewers a better idea of what else is written on a particular topic.

Use Social Media

You should begin promoting yourself in social media too. Remember, all the search engines love social media. Begin having links to your blog posts in your social media sites. Also have a Facebook, google+, and twitter button on all of your blog posts and ask your readers to press those buttons if they liked your blog post. Don’t forget to thank those who helped promote your blog post.

Read Other Blogs

There will come a time when you will run out of things to write about. So it is best to keep in touch with other people who have the same goals as you. Reading other blogs will help you think of what other topics you still haven’t covered in your blog post. You don’t have to stress out yourself that much. A little extra researching is all it takes.

Submit Your Blog to RSS and Blog Directories

When you submit your blog to RSS, then you will have more visibility. There are also so many other blog directories that will help boost your search rankings. One popular site to help boost your blog posts popularity is ehow.com. You can make your blog post into a how-to article and submit it to how. Make sure that you have a link there that directs readers to your personal blog.

Be Consistent and Focus on Specific Keywords

You need to learn how to do keyword research to become a good blogger. Obviously, every blogger wants visibility. There are many tutorials available on how to make good keyword research right now. When you found your keywords, make sure to stick to it to your blog posts. Be consistent on updating your blog too. The readers can be fickle and they want fresh content all the time. You can inform them how often you update your blog. Stick to your schedule too. This will be difficult, but your efforts will not be in vain if you stick to your writing schedule.

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